Monteith Park
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Exterior Paint Reminder
Posted on Aug 1st, 2018

As the single-family homes in Monteith Park reach the age when repainting is necessary, it is important to remember a few guidelines about exterior paint colors. From our CCR document:
3.10. Exterior Colors.
Exterior colors shall be specified in the plans submitted to the ARC for approval.
The exterior colors of the walls and roof of single-family residential structures shall be compatible and harmonious with the colors of nearby single-family residential structures.
Trim colors shall be compatible with the primary field color and limited to architectural details such as fascia, frames, shutters, front door, etc.
The color of walls of adjacent residential structures shall not be the same, unless the concept of a grouping of similar structures so specifies.
Owners may repaint in accordance with the originally approved color scheme of any dwelling or improvement. ARC approval is required for all changes in exterior painting. Review criteria may include, but shall not be limited to, the sheen of paint, the home's architecture, any existing stone or brick accents, roof color, and neighboring properties' colors.
To summarize, owners may repaint in the ORIGINAL color. Any change to this color requires approval from the Architectural Review Committee, which can be initiated by emailing