Monteith Park
Monteith Park Pool 2018
The pool is under new management for the 2018 season. Swim Club Management will oversee operations and maintenance. 
New pool fobs were issued in 2017. If you did not pickup your new fob during the 2017 season, please contact for more information. Residents will use the same fob for 2018 and are allowed one fob per address.
Opening Day- May 26th
Closing Day- September 3rd
Monday through Saturday 10AM-8PM Sunday 12PM-8PM
*On days when public school is in session after Memorial Day and before Labor Day the pool will be open 4PM-8PM
• No alcohol allowed within six (6) feet of pool
• No water projecting toys allowed (i.e. water cannons or water guns)
• Pool and surrounding areas are designated CLEAN AIR ZONES. No Smoking/No Vaping signs are posted.
• Safety is first and foremost.
• Absolutely NO GLASS is allowed within the pool area.
• NO running, pushing, wrestling or other horseplay is permitted that is unsafe or disturbs the enjoyment of the pool facilities for all.
• NO Towels or foreign objects (Paper, Cans, etc.) are allowed in the pool.
• NO Diving • NO portable grills of any kind are permitted at the pool facilities.
• The pool and the pool area must be evacuated during any electrical storm. Please follow the lifeguard’s instructions
• Please be respectful of people's space and property.
If you lease your unit, please be sure to give your tenants a copy of these rules. The homeowner of the home/unit will be held responsible for their tenant’s behavior at the pool. Also, please review these rules with your children. As a reminder to all members: A member is to accompany his/her guest to the pool at all times and no child under the age of 16 is allowed in the pool area without an adult homeowner that is directly responsible for them. Should a member violate this ruling, it is considered as a violation and a hearing will occur with possible fines of up to $100 per occurrence as allowed by the North Carolina Planned Community Act.
Please contact Swim Club to schedule a pool party.
Should you have any concerns or questions, please address these to Beth Wilkins, Monteith Park Community Manager, by calling 704-897-1394 or at