Monteith Park
  • Are there offices for rent? Can I rent the clubhouse for a party?
    Yes, residents may reserve the clubhouse for a security deposit fee. The renting resident must be at least 21 years of age and must be present for the duration of the event. Clubhouse rental periods are 6 hours, which include your setup and cleanup. Reservations must be completed two weeks prior to the event. Please review the Clubhouse agreement found on Pilera and contact CSI
    Office spaces are available for rent by residents in good standing for a fee of $200 per month, which includes utilities except telephone. Please contact CSI to schedule a tour or reserve an office space. 
  • Can I have a pool party?
    Residents may host pool parties. Please use this form. You can also contact with additional questions. 
  • How do I get a pool pass? What if I lose my pool pass?
    For safety and security, each property is permitted ONE pool pass. If you are a new resident or require a replacement key fob, please contact CSI. There is a fee for the replacement of lost fobs. 
  • When is the pool open? What are the rules?
    The general information for the pool can be found here

  • How can I volunteer for a committee or Board position?
    All Board and Committee roles are volunteer. Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting in December. Committees welcome new members throughout the year. If you are interested in serving on a committee or the board, email Additional information can be found under Board and Committees.
  • What are Bylaws?
    The Bylaws are the guidelines for the operation of the non-profit corporation. The Bylaws define the duties of the various offices of the Board of Directors, the terms of the Directors, the membership's voting rights, required meetings and notices of meetings, and the principal office of the Association, as well as other specific items that are necessary to run the Association as a business. The Bylaws for the association may be viewed online under News and Resources.
  • What are CCRS?
    The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of the planned community as a non-profit corporation. The CC&R's were recorded by the County recorder's office of the County in which the property is located and are included in the title to your property. Failure to abide by the CC&R's may result in a fine to a homeowner by the Association. The governing legal documents for the association may be viewed under News and Resources.
  • What is a Homeowners Association?
    It is a non-profit corporation registered with the State and managed by a duly elected Board of Directors. Its purpose is to maintain all common areas and to govern the community in accordance with the provision of the legal documents: CC&R's, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation. The governing legal documents for the association may be viewed online under the Documents and Form Tab on the Home Page. The corporation is financially supported by all members of the homeowners association. Membership is both automatic and mandatory.
  • What is the secure neighborhood management website?
    Log-in to Pilera for news and account information.  
  • When are assessments due?
    Single-family homes pay assessments in February, April, and June. Alternatively, the entire amount can be paid in February. You will receive a reminder notice if a payment is late. 
  • Where do I get approved FOR SALE and FOR RENT signs?
    The required sign design can be obtained from CSI. One for sale sign is allowed per property. For rent signs must be in the window of the home only. 
  • Who are the Board of Directors? When do they meet? Can I attend?
    The Homeowner's Association is a corporation and therefore a governing body that is required to oversee its business. The Board of Directors are elected by the homeowners, or as otherwise specified in the Bylaws and include representatives from the single-family home and town homes. The limitation and restrictions of the powers of the Board of Directors is outlined in the Association governing documents. Board members are un-paid volunteers. 
    The Board is required to hold four open meetings per year. The dates for 2018 will be announced at the annual meeting and listed on the events page. Homeowners and renters are invited to open meetings, however only homeowners may participate in discussion. Tenants must discuss any open concerns directly with their homeowner. Additional meetings may be held throughout the year as needed and the community will be notified.
    The Board occasionally holds Executive Session meetings and regularly communicates through Basecamp to conduct business efficiently. 
  • Who do I contact with questions? Who is my community manager?
    The property manager for Monteith Park is Beth Wilkins at CSI Properties. You can reach her by email or telephone. To contact the Board of Directors, email or visit the homeowner forum at the beginning of each open board meeting. 

Living Here
  • Am I responsible for the trees between the sidewalk and road?
    Single family homeowners are responsible for maintaining the landscaping between the sidewalk and road. Sidewalks are maintained by the Town of Huntersville. 
  • Can I have a fence?
    Yes, although there are architectural guidelines that apply. Please review these under News and Resources and submit an ARC request prior to beginning installation.
  • Can I rent my home?
    Yes, please contact CSI with the rental agreement and tenant information. Please note the sign ordinance that applies to rental signs can be found under News and Resources.
  • Do I need permission to modify the exterior of my house or change my landscaping?
    Yes. The CCRs for the community require this. Architectural Review guidelines can be found under News and Resources.  Please complete this form and contact to begin and Architectural Review Committee (ARC) request. 
  • Does Monteith Park have a Facebook or NextDoor group?
    Yes, but they are not official forums for the HOA or monitored by CSI or the Board of Directors. You can join the neighborhood NextDoor group. The Facebook groups are private in order to keep everyone safe. There is a group for community conversation and one for buy/sale/trade. There are smaller groups for specific interests. To join these, ask a neighbor who is already a member to add you. CSI and the Board cannot add/remove members. 
  • How do I report a street light outage?
  • Is there a community police officer I can contact?
    Residents can contact Officer Johnson for concerns such as traffic enforcement and crime prevention at The non-emergency number for Huntersville Police Department is (704) 464-5400.
  • What are the public schools zoned for Monteith Park?
    Huntersville Elementary, Bailey Middle, and WA Hough High are the assigned Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. 
  • What events does the neighborhood sponsor?
    Typically the Social Committee sponsors a Easter Egg Hunt, Men's Poker Night, Fourth of July pool party, Front Porch Fridays in the Summer, Fall Festival, and a visit from Santa. Other events may be offered at the discretion of the Social Committee (volunteer by emailing 
  • When is trash day? Who do I contact with questions?
    Currently, collection occurs weekly on Thursdays for yard waste and trash. Recycling is collected every other week, also on Thursdays. For more information, visit the Town of Huntersville website. 
  • Who are the utility providers?
    Energy United is the power company for Monteith Park. Piedmont Natural Gas supplies the gas line. Water and sewer is serviced through the City of Charlotte. Spectrum, AT&T and Verizon are available for communication services. 
  • Will my townhome be inspected for termites?
    Yes. The property manager will notify residents of scheduled inspection times via email and flyer.