Monteith Park
Huntersville, NC
Exterior Paint Reminder
Posted on Aug 1st, 2018
As the single-family homes in Monteith Park reach the age when repainting is necessary, it is important to remember a few guidelines about exterior paint colors.
Website Update
Posted on Nov 11th, 2017
Welcome to the updated website. Things look a little different and we are still in the process of updating. The biggest difference you will notice is that the site no longer needs a log-in. All information that was previously accessed by logging in to the site will now be stored on CSI's portal, Pilera. For information on accessing that site, please contact Beth Wilkins at CSI. 
Annexation of The Commons at Monteith Park
Posted on Oct 24th, 2017 Comments (0)
Property owners will receive a ballot to vote on the proposal to annex The Commons at Monteith Park during the week of October 23. Please return your ballot as quickly as possible. If you voted at the Fall Festival, you do not need to submit another vote. Additionally, representatives from the Board-appointed annexation committee may visit homeowners in order to secure votes. 
Upcoming Events
Santa Visits Monteith
Thursday, December 13th, 5-8 pm
UPDATE: Snow, snow, snow! In light of the weather this week and wet conditions, we are making a few changes to the upcoming “ Santa visits Monteith Park” event this Thursday, Dec 13th 5-7:30pm

We will be moving “The North Pole” to the Lending Library Alcove (near the intersection of Holly Springs & Catsby Dr). 

Come say hello to Santa and take a photo from 5-5:30pm before he starts riding around the hood. 

He’ll be riding around from 6-7pm. 

And then back at the North Pole for more visiting from 7-7:30pm.

Questions? Comment below or email the social committee at
Annual Meeting
Wednesday, December 19th, 7 pm at UPDATE: Monteith Park Clubhouse
UPDATE: This week, it was confirmed to the Board that Birkdale Golf Club would not have their heating repaired in time for our annual meeting on December 19 and the reservation would be canceled. CSI attempted to locate another venue to accommodate our meeting size, with no success due to the short notice. For this reason, the Monteith Park Annual HOA meeting will be held at our clubhouse on Waterfront Drive at 7 pm on December 19. Extra chairs are being rented, however, please be aware that due to the expected crowd there may be standing room only. 
Annual HOA meeting and election of new officers
begins at 6:30 pm
Meeting begins at 7 pm